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Sunset Shimmer vs Bella
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Original Bella is still Bella (unfortunately)

Original Sunset is Original

Background poster | cutie mark | vintage textures

Bella Swan forced me to make this shop (jk)


Yeah I originally made this with the intention to upload for a challenge but apparently the characters had to be from the SAME series. Yeah I didn't really read that little detail. Oops, anyway I'm uploading this as a separate wallpaper and will think of something else for the wallpaper challenge.

So yeah the characters I chose for this wallpaper are Sunset Shimmer from MLP: Equestria Girls and Bella Swan from the Twilight series.

I chose Bella as the character I disliked because in all in honesty (please keep in mind that the following is my personal opinion) to me she just isn't a good character. She's mean to her dad, her "friends" in high school, in my opinion she just doesn't have any good character traits that make her good. I'm sorry but I just have never really liked Bella Swan and I don't like the Twilight Series (yes I've read all the books/movies and didn't like either one)

The girl I chose that I liked is Sunset Shimmer from Equestria Girls. I like Sunset Shimmer because I can relate to her. She starts out as the enemy/preppy girl who secretly wants to rule Equestria and get revenge on Princess Celestia for not acknowledging her "greatness" or something like that. But over the course of time (3 Equestria Girls movies) she has really changed to become a strong, independent, albiet still uncertain about herself sometimes, she became a leader for the Human Mane 5 (mane 6 when Sci-Twi joined the group at the end of the Friendship Games).

The main reason I like Sunset Shimmer is she is just overall a great character that actually was given good character development as Bella just seemed like a fanfiction insert in a story that seemed to really go nowhere. So two girls, one I like and one I don't.

Hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper. Sorry for long description. Oh for creative process of wallpaper, well basically frustrations with Photoshop, had uninstalled it, reinstalled it, still didn't work, so I updated it and now it works and was able to make this wallpaper. So now wallpapers shall be made with Photoshop CS6 from now on.

Anyway enjoy the wallpaper everypony. Dedicated to my friend Groovy Boar who celebrated a birthday. Thanks for being a good friend to me here on theO and inspiring me with your awesome art!

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