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original RENDER is Original

Crowded city is crowded | MOAR CROWD | BOKEH

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SONG: NOISE ~ Kenny Chesney


Drowning out the dreams of this Anime girl. Just trying to be heard in all this noise ~Kenny Chesney (Noise)

Yes I changed a small part so it reflected me a bit. The actual lyrics are "Tennessee Boy" but yeah...moving on.

All we hear is noise. We are submerged in all this noise from political ads, social media, TV, etc. So I wanted to make a wallpaper to reflect that and the feelings behind Kenny Chesney's song. I can honestly relate to this song because it seems like it is hard to stand out in this world of Noise. I know other people relate to this. We are always doing something on the computer, on tablets, on phones, watching TV. I guess once in awhile we have to take time for ourselves, shut the phone off, the tv and just be. I try to do this sometimes when I can. Or just lay on my bed and genuflect.

Wallpaper Comment is comment: Yes found this render of the original 4 YuGiOh friends. They seemed perfect as the subject because they were just one moment in time. Discussing card strategies, Tea doing something on her phone, Tristan looking on while the crowds of the city all rushed past them, going home, getting groceries from the store, going to work, whatever the city people do. The point is people are always in a rush and once in awhile it is good to slow down a little.

For wallpaper, used mainly city and crowd images, blended them, and tried to give the overall impression of sensitivity overload, how I sometimes feel in a crowded room, that anxiety that too much is going on.

Well anyway I hope everybody enjoys what I made here. First wallpaper for November.

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