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Original Walküre IS oRINGAL

Textures from Here | brush | Bokeh

To be or not to be PHOTOSHOPPED

Wallpaper I made before featuring same scan.


Since today is the last episode of Macross Delta, I made a Walkure tribute wallpaper. Yes I made a wallpaper with this scan before, but I decided to use it again to try something different with it. It's one of the only scans I can work with that have all of Walkure in there.

From left to right the characters are:
Reina Prowler, Makina Nakajima, Freyja Wion, Kaname Buccaneer, Mikumo Guynemer

Yes I am addicted to the music they have sang from the Macross Delta anime. They have some good songs. So far I think their best songs are:

1. Hametsu no Junjou

2. Bokura no Senjou

3. Absolute 5 (hate the seen where poor Makina gets shot protecting Freyja. )

4. Ikenai Borderline

5. Giraffe Blues

6. Ichido no Dake no Koi Nara

(NOTE: I mostly hyperlinked Cover versions because the originals are NOWHERE to be found on Youtube. )

Anyway now that you kind of have a sample of their music palette, all I did was make a Alice in Wonderlandish background with a few shiny textures. Just felt like doing something different with the scan. Also used bokeh and shiny to make it kind of shoujo-ish shiny too. Overall like the overall effect.

Hope everybody enjoys what I made here. Views, Feedback, favorites, and hugs are always appreciated. Thank you you guys for all the support over the years.

Macross Wallpapers
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