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Original MikumoxFreyja are Original

Ranka Lee | Sheryl Nome | Fire Bomber | Lynn Minmay

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*Oh and the title translates to "Listen to my song" from Japanese.

My first real wallpaper for...well awhile. I haven't made much lately, I realize that. To be honest I'm dealing with some real life issues that have made it hard for me to create well....ANYTHING lately. But anyway I managed to squeeze this wallpaper out of my creative juices.

This features most of the current main Macross singers from their respective Series of Macross: Delta, Frontier, Super Dimension Macross, and Macross 7. While I haven't seen the original Macross Series, I have seen all of Macross Frontier and its two movies along with the currently running Macross Delta which is up to about episode 23 as I'm typing this.

This started out as one thing. Wanted to focus it on this image I found of Lynn Minmay but somehow I stumbled upon those screenshots of Fire Bomber, Minmay, Sheryl, and Ranka and it ended up turning into well what you see now. I tried something a bit different with blending the characters in the front with Mikumo and Freyja being in front. Couldn't find any decent group pix that featured ALL of Walkure and since Mikumo and Freyja seem to be the lead singers as of late, I figured this scan I found of them would work. Well it is what it is yo.
Oh the Japanese text is what Sheryl and Ranka used to say before they began their concerts in the series of Macross Frontier. Seemed to fit here. Oh yeah and listened to a crapload of music while making this including a few Macross Frontier tracks....

Anyway, Hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for viewing.

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