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Original SAILOR MOON is original~

Sailor Moon group | Mahou shoujo | OVER THE RAINBOW! | SHINY, SHINY, my shiny~<3 | and MOAR SHINY <3
oh and a Frame too

Made in pHotoSHOpsz

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My entry for the "First Anime" wallpaper challenge. First anime I ever remember watching is Sailor Moon(unfortunately it was the DiC dub so yeah but still nostalgia). I don't know what drew me to Sailor Moon initially. I think it was the awesome magic and awesome girls transforming into awesome Sailor Scouts/Senshi and fighting evil. I remember when I was little how much I loved Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Mars was a close second back then too. But now I love them all. I don't know Sailor Jupiter is still pretty much my fave. Then Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune and Uranus, Sailor Pluto, etc....

Anyway Sailor Moon is awesome because it featured 10 girls becoming kickass senshi. My favorite form of Sailor Moon's is definitely her Super form. It was just SOOOO PRETTY....<3 I remember when I first saw it how much I love it. Hell I still love it now. It is powerful, amazing, beautiful, and she just kicks ass in this form. Plus all the senshi look beautiful as super senshi and eternal senshi as well.

Overall Sailor Moon is an anime that still continues to fascinate me. I love the artwork, the story, the characters. It will never stop being one of my top favorite animes. And to me no other magical girl anime even comes close to it. It's one of the originals for me. Sailor Moon is what started my anime journey as it did for many. And then along came Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh...but that's a wallpaper and a story for another time.


To be honest I don't know what I was originally trying to do with this wallpaper. Just trying to create something different basically with something that I loved. I ended up with this kind of poparty pretty vintage-ish type of effect. Found pretty images of Sailor Moon which I used of course. What turned out interesting was using this floral thingy embossed on the image of the group. Made it look kind of vintage, I don't know...*bunches of Backstreet Boys songs played while I made this wallpaper*

So yeah kind of different than my "usual style" which I don't even know what that is anymore. I just like to try to push the limits with my graphic design abilities and try new things. Can't hurt. Anyways I hopes everybodys enjoys the wallie. Took me a few hours to complete.

Dedicated to Keba-chan because I can.

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