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Solitary Guardian
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Here is my second entry to this challenge. As a character, sailor Pluto and her identity Setsuna Meioh mean a lot to me. She is the solitary scout. She stands guard of space-time. With the blood of Chronos running through her veins she protects the silver millennium as well as Crystal tokyo by herself. I believe that takes tremendous strength, courage, and love. Even after she breaks her taboo, she's smart, successful, beautiful and dammit, she deserves some respect.

After seeing her for the first time as a child, she became my role model. It's a little embarrassing to say but it's true. I wanted to be like her as an adult. Needless to say I never quite made it ^^;; but I gave it a shot. She's also a reason I have the username I do. Like chibiusa, I looked up to her. She kind of made me realise all the similarities I had with chibiusa. So, here I am going by smallxlady. I'm happy with that and I'm happy that I got to see her grow as a character.

She's amazing to me for personal reasons and maybe not everyone agrees but she's top tier characters in my book.
Like the last Wallie I tried to show origin in pluto's Wallie too. I chose clocks as the main background to symbolize her guarding time and being part of Chronos bloodline. I used quite a few cloud and fog renders to try and creator what space-tim looked like. I also added some overlays and effects to give it a soft dreamy feel.








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