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Original SCREENshot is Original 8-D

Roses-Neptune/Uranus | Texture | Bokeh

Song: Eternal Eternity - Sailor Neptune (CV>Sayaka O'hara) | Sailor Uranus (CV. Junko Minagawa)

Made in da Photoshops

To be honest I was not expecting to Make a Uranus x Neptune wallpaper. It just kind of happened. And for good reason too. The new artwork of these two are just beyond beautiful and I think their love is portrayed rather well in the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime. While they haven't had a lot of lovey dubby scenes, in the first episode they shared a nice moment which was good. Anyway these two are just beyond amazing and it's easy to see why so many moonies love these two. I love these two as well. I thought Neptune and Uranus were amazing in the classic Sailor Moon and they are even more amazing in the new Sailor Moon Crystal season 3.

Sorry for the little fanplosion there (yay I made up a new word. Fan + explosion = Fanplosion xD). Anyway I loved their song "Eternal Eternity" and I had to make a wallpaper of it. To be honest I've always wanted to make a Neptune x Uranus wallpaper and now I have.

All I did was basically try to find textures/images to basically further enhance the beauty of an already beautiful image. I am pretty proud with how this turned out. I may make more Uranus x Neptune wallpapers in the future. :D

I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper. Dedicated to Darkarax who made an amazing wallpaper featuring these two awhile back.

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