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Stressed Out
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So, a few days ago I was listening to the radio, and this song came on. It really struck me, as that song details a lot of how I've been feeling lately. With the stresses of finals, grades, trying to move back home, trying to find job, and all of the other little problems, things were really getting to me. Especially the money bit, as I was reminded that if I don't get a job, then I won't be able to finish college (unless I try and get a student loan, which I'm trying my very hardest not to do, or unless I get a scholarship, which, let's be honest, probably isn't going to happen).

So I created this wallpaper as a sort of deconstruction of some of the other wallpapers with pretty cities as the background (especially this one, as the ideas behind that wallpaper and this wallpaper are vastly different). I still used a high-quality background and a render of an unspecific character, but I tried to use an uninspiring street as the background and dulled the colours more than I do with other wallpapers, as well as used other effects to try and illustrate stress.

But, all things aside, I really love this song, and could probably do a breakdown of it, if y'all wanted me to.

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Stressed Out
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