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Any Way
Any How

Sorry for submitting so much to this challenge.

I found this song/music video a few days ago, when I was going through some struggles with loneliness. I had been talking to an old friend whom I hadn't really talked to for quite a while. We became close again, but then after a couple arguments, I realized that in the time that we hadn't been talking, our personalities changed to be quite different from what they used to be, and quite different from each other. I wasn't sure if we were still compatible as friends anymore, and it really hurt.

But after really watching this music video, I finally really noticed the end - how the singer switches from singing to, well, signing, which helped emphasize the quote at the end "Communicate Any Way Any How." It really hit me, and I realized that despite our differences, we still hadn't the ability to communicate, nor the desire to, and I decided to try again with him. Now we're talking again, and roleplaying and everything. So it's all good now.

As for what anime to pick for the wallpaper, that one was obvious, considering one of the main characters, Nic, is deaf, so he usually communicates using sign language. Considering the impact of the use of sign language at the end of the music video, I just had to use Gangsta.

And yeah, the music video is a little weird, but it has some good messages, so *shrugs*.

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Crash and Burn, Gangsta, Gangsta.
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