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Unwilling Hero
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Submission for The Unwilling Hero challenge!

Apologies this is so last minute. Im in the middle of another massive wallie Godammit Judai Winchester you owe me! :P but still wanted to participate in this challenge, as such this was all thrown together very quickly. I would have loved to have spent some more time on it but alas, there simply arent enough hours in the day ~

So as per the challenge, when I think of unwilling heroes I dont think of the characters who are initially unwilling only to then turn around and completely own the role of the hero - to me being unwilling means trying to avoid being the hero at all costs, no matter whats at stake (like you know, the world) and the characters going "Nope still dont wanna do it. Someone else can be the hero. Im not doing it." - and to me that character will forever be Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion. One of the first animes I ever saw so it will forever be in my heart. Even if Shinji is kind of a moody teenager <3

Welp thats my view on it at least. I hope it matches the challenge >.<

Also searching for decent quotes from Shinji Ikari that *dont* include running away took way to long -_-

Original image - Moody teenager but now comes with a puppy
Plus textures 1 & 2



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Neon Genesis Evangelion, NGE, Shinji Ikari
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The Unwilling Hero

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