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Submission for the Dreaming challenge!

Ive made a few wallies on this type of subject before but my greatest not really hidden anymore desire is writing. I love writing stories and to be an author and get paid to publish my stories, for me that would be my greatest desire ^_^
I know its a very common desire but for me its also an impossible dream - so it will continue to be my greatest desire for the rest of my life ~

I picked this character/anime for a few reasons actually. The main one is because shes a writer, obviously, and that likewise her greatest desire is to write her story. I also liked her because of her eye patch; I have different coloured eyes (blue/green) and my blue one is significantly weaker than my green one and can get infected quite easily. When its bad I wear an eye patch to protect it which also means I get to make as many pirate jokes as I want and no one in my family can stop me! Ha ha take that! :D

I cut the other chick out of the wallie because her character really annoyed me in the anime. Its nice to have the power to do that ^_^



Original scan - Dream a little dream of me
Add in a Library, a pretty carpet pattern, and Chihiros story which Snowzi spent way to much time on for the sake of 6 papers on the ground. Mix well and bake for 30 minutes at 200*C. While baking do your happy dance. Serves 4-6. Add ice cream and custard.

Ef - a tale of memories Wallpapers
A Fairy Tale of the Two, A tale of Memories, Chihiro Shindou, Ef
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