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Submission for the Draw a Circle That's the Earth challenge!

I love Hetalia so I was more than happy to enter this challenge, even more so when you said we could use our own country. To which I present the almighty country/character Australia! XD
Hes a pretty minor character in the series so far but I have hopes that he gets a few more appearances in the future, actually Im pretty sure the micronation of Wy has been in Hetalia more than Australia... so long as Aus is ahead of New Zealand Im happy :P Although considering his first real appearance was him swimming and walking around without his shirt on (and with that evil koala) - Mate I really couldnt ask for anything more accurate than that! Ha ha!

Hmmmm as far as learning the language/culture I have the Whitemans lingo pretty spot on but as far as the Aboriginal language goes, well thats much harder given that theres a different language for each tribe. As for the culture, I can remember studying the Aboriginal Dreamtime when I was younger and I absolutely loved it. Still remember a lot of it too because I was so fascinated by it ^_^

Oh hey! I actually found a Youtube tribute to Hetalia's Australia! The best part is the song used is basically our Unofficial National Anthem. It makes me so happy ^_^

I dont know any other Aussies here to dedicate it too.. Im sure there are plenty around but I just dont know you yet. In which case chat me up because I would love to chat about drop bears and how all our native animals can kill you! So instead I dedicate this to everyone so that they know the proper way to ride a kangaroo. And that all the cool kids ride emus.

Original image Aussie Aussie Aussie!
Plus texture 1
I wanted to work the nations colours of green and gold, or even just the Southern Cross, into the wallie but it didnt work out.



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