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Crown Klouny

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My second and last entrie for the chall "Go With the [Foreign] Music"
Chall made by: KyraChan but dedicated to Mint Dash because I love her walls a lot.

Song for the wall: t.A.T.u. - "Klouny"
t.A.T.u. was a russian music duo that consisted of Julia Volkova and Lena Katina. In March 2011, the duo officially announced their separation, due to personal reasons and conflicts between them and embarked on solo careers, but I don't follow them in their solo careers uwu.

Why this wallpaper for this song:
"Wind-up clowns
Are blue and red
Wind-up clowns
And words are useless
Better ask me
And we'll awake like new
And we'll awaken strong
Just ask me"

With the Millenium Earl and the Crown Clown of Allen Walker, I always think in D.Gray-man just like a really big and dark circus with clowns and misleading puppeteers.

Russian song
I'm spanish, and I don't want to make a wall for a english or japanese song. I'm always be a big fan of t.A.T.u., before the separation. For the russian language, in the past I try to learn it, I really like russian, is so strange and cool for me, but I just know some sentences and vocabulary, and just for talk, I don't know how to write or read it uwu, maybe some day, I will try again to learn it.

Background Scan
Millenium Earl by Otchpotch
Allen Walker by Summer67

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Allen Walker, Circus, Clowns, D.Gray-man, DGM, Millenium Earl
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Go With the [Foreign] Music

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