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{.La Solitudine.}
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Original Art (by Shimozuku20)

cloudy moon

Owl Texture


Starry sky

Song: La Solitudine by Laura Pausini (Italian) { ♪ ♫ }

Starry Sky image is now Linked. :)

WARNING: Long Description is LONG.
First off it has been a little while since my last wallpaper upload here. To be honest I'm going through some personal stuff in real life and I am currently trying to find more inspiration so I can start uploading and creating regularly again. So please bare with me.rnrnThe song I used for this wallpaper is called "La Solitudine" by Laura Pausini. The song is in Italian and to be honest I love Italian songs. I can't speak Italian but that didn't stop me from enjoy the songs. This song in particular was very sad and beautiful and her voice was very beautiful as well.

The lyrics I based this wallpaper on was this part here (This is both the Italian and English translation of said Lyrics). Lyrics are from here.

Translated English:"The loneliness between us
This silence inside me
It's the fear of living
Life without you

Original (Italian): "La solitudine fra noi
Questo silenzio dentro me
È l'inquietudine di vivere
La vita senza te
Ti prego aspettami

This part of the song stood out to me because I myself feel lonely in real life. I haven't been on a date yet (please don't judge me). And my depression secludes me from life as well. I felt like this song spoke to me and it almost made me cry when I listened to it for the first time.

The wallpaper itself features Usagi Tsukino as Sailor Moon. Even though she is surrounded by her fellow senshi and friends, I think she sometimes is lonely in her own way. She has the pressure of saving the world and trying to live a somewhat "normal" life. And trying to find a balance between those things would be hard. rnrnThe lyrics above relate to Usagi in the fact that she can't live without Mamoru Chiba. She loves him deeply. Their love transcends time even and in their past lives as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion they were madly in love too. She felt really sad when she almost lost him and they can't live without one another. Does any of this make sense?

For the wallpaper portion, I tried to reflect the overall feeling of the song; Sad, yet hopeful at the same time. The image I used was a fan art here on theO. This art seemed perfect for what I wanted to get across because Usagi looked sad.rnThe background is made up of a gradient, two or 3 background images, and some clouds and stars to enhance the overall effect. rnrnI worked really hard on this wallpaper and did my best. I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

Dedication: RinMustang22
I dedicate this wallpaper to you as a thank you for all the support you've given me and my work. I always love reading your feedback and you've really inspired me to work harder and try my best. I hope you enjoy this wallpaper.
Here endth Long Description. This took awhile to type because I typed this out on my Blackberry's tiny keyboard.rn

Source Art
Sailor moon ~Shimozuku20
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