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Silver Millennium
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WARNING: Long Description is Long

Original Render Usagi

Silver Millennium Palace

Images I used to make up the background
Space Backgrounds: 1 and 2

My own Texture

Screenshot I captured (used as embellishment for the palace)

Water render

Earth render

Special Effect Resources



Water reflection part made using this Tutorial

Yeah I know that's a lot of links. But there's a lot of resources I used to make this wallpaper. I will be quite honest and say this is the most challenging wallpaper I've made for awhile. And I always try to challenge myself by doing new things, even if its something small.

This wallpaper is my entry for the Something Different challenge. For the challenge I had to make a wallpaper different from the wallpapers than I usually make. Well let me tell you about it.

I really wanted to challenge myself and try something new with my wallpapers. So this wallpaper is my attempt at kind of a fantasy space sort of wallpaper. I've always been fascinated with the Moon Kingdom Silver Millennium in Sailor Moon. I had this idea to try to reproduce the fantasy setting with the moon palace reflecting on the water and with Princess Serenity kind of standing/dancing on the water. I know this is a lot to take in right now. I promise I will do my best to explain my process while I made this wallpaper.

For this wallpaper I started off with a transparent background (usually checkerboard in Photoshop) and I started off by putting in an image of the moon palace. After that it just sort of evolved from there. I then started adding the water and getting that just right, then by following a tutorial I was able to attempt trying to make everything reflect on the water. This was a challenge by itself, meaning it was hard to position everything just right (and to make it try to look realistic and fantasy like at the same time.

All together this wallpaper consists of 20 or so layers,each adding on to the other making up the wallpaper you see now. And of course I added Princess Usagi last dancing on the water in her beautiful dress.

This wallpaper is different because usually I only use textures and stock images to build a background. And in this one I made and added images to make up one composite image when usually the images are photographs or premade textures or backgrounds. And this time I made the background. Again it was really hard to make this wallpaper. But I'm glad I tried because I'm proud of what I accomplished. Overall this wallpaper took about 2 hours or so to complete.

I guess I could also add some problems I had while making this wallpaper was with the positioning and maybe getting the perspective and preportions just right. It was similar to making my other wallpapers in maybe the way I used the action to enhance the overall wallpaper. If there's anything else I can think of I will add it later.

Told you long description was long. I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

Dedication: Keba Si Rota
I dedicate this wallpaper to you because I know you're a big Sailor Moon fan like myself. But the main reason I dedicate this one to you is because you're an awesome friend and you're always there for me and always offer support and encouragement. This is also my way of letting you know that I appreciate and value you as a friend and that I too am always here for you no matter what. *hugs*

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Something Different

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