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Forgotten Love
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About the charas: Nothing much to say- they're from mekakucity actors- a good anime, a bit confusing but good.(loved the hoodies and powers)
I loved the art in it- and the relationships of the characters~ One such relationship is between Ene(a computer program)
and Konoha(the white haired dude). It would be more than spoilers if i tell about them, i'd just say that they are a part of Kagerou Project.
And they loved each other- or unrequited love- i dunno *pffft*
** I took care to use a render of Konoha since senpai likes white haired characters.

About this piece:
*5 hours taken-bet the time is reduced because of CS6.
*Many textures were overlayed and edited.
*A single gradient was used.
*A white-grey background texture was used.
*Combination of various techno/flower/lightning/splatter brushes were used.
*My vector brush which created a huge heart- it was way too big and i was just experimenting.
*Result of a single experimentation.

Reference for later use :Layer order.
From the bottom~
1.BG layer
2.Tokyp ghoul texture
3.Gradient Chaos layer.
5.Brush layer lightning
6/Bokeh texture
7.Film light streaks texture(staturation mode)
8.Digital art texture(difference mode)
9/10/11/12 are duplicated layers of chaos
13.Background Layer(white) with heart brush.
14.White soft lights around the heart.
15.Text layer.

Reference 2 for remake: Brush Order
1.The render was compiled together win TG tex/gradients/difference texture.
2.The white BG was laid and a heart was erased.
3.Used simulateneous flower brushes to decorate heart border.
4.Techno and other brushes were used to decorate the inside of the heart.
5.Other textures-film streaks" gives the yellowish form at the top of left heart.
6.Bokeh texture was overlayed to give out the yellow to the bottom heart tip.

Texture and Render~
Digi texture:
White Texture:

Best suited for FIT option under display Win 7

The title "Forgotten Love" implies well uh a spoiler- a trace of hidden love which was in past but needs to be rekindled.

Hmm.. 1 hour after making it; is this really good? O>O


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