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Mr.Sadistic Knight
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It's Halloween so everything be like horror all around XD *yay*
This piece is dedicated to my ever loving cutie little Rinako-chan (here you go~ your Subaru personified and pinked! XD)
Subaru Sakamaki is a chara from Diabolik Lovers (a visual novel), D-lovers is basically a Reverse Harem anime about vampires, so i'll leave the rest of the synopsis to your imagination.

About this Chara:
<sub>Go ask Rinako chan! why ask me?? T T</sub>
As much as i remember i got very depressed seeing the Heroine getting bitten and harrassed(no matter what the fanservice :O
Subaru was the freaking only guy who wanted to help her escape~ it's been a long time since i watched the anime so that's basically the main thing i remember lol
Actually for me Subaru didn't look like a sadistic knight he looked like a depressed knight haha! *gets chased by Rinako chan*
Subaru seems to be strong but angry all the time- he is basically pis*sed that you clearly know that you shouldn't mess with him.
But he is still eye-candy, in the opening Mr.Sadistic Knight- Subaru made the best debut than all other charas- his hair is perfect and his eyes red like rubies.

About this piece:
*Time taken:5 hours or more i don't remember :O
*Purple light bokeh texture used:
*Subaru's render:
*Various grunge/light/ornamental brushes(that purple flowery thing on the left and right)
*Some 3D brushes and shattering glass brushes oh and my everloving splatter brushes.
*Two pink gradient layers overlayed twice.
*Yesh~ it is those beautiful ruby eyes of Subaru that is in the BG which i found them on Pininterest.
*Subaru text and Vampire text soft lighted and overlayed.
*I wanted to get Subaru's left eye all glittery- but attempt failed, it's the way of the gradients fellas T T
*I LOVE ALL THE GLITTER STUFF *sparkly sparkly*
*The two ornamental brushes were used to create a face LOL?
*Added some stars to the roses! *kyaaaaaa*
*In the end, increased contrast to 40.
*Had to do a freaking lot to get that lightning altered! T T
(used the eraser and black brush so frequently XD)


The title: Mr. Sadistic Knight is given from the OP of Diabolik Lovers- i seriously would have to watch the anime again to give a better title LOL
On the sidenote all the Knights in D-lovers are basically sadistic as fudge thus it got a lot of negative reviews. The most search terms on google are "Ayato" "Subaru" and "Kanato" oh and "Shuu"when searched for D-lovers :)


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