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Demon of The Red Horizon
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This will be my last Hakuouki wallpaper, even though i am more tempted to make one for Okita- *sigh*
Did this quickly because the weathers is soo bad here these days and i was suppose to go shopping in the evening.
Harada is the nicest man in Hakuouki to put it simply, he simply had more empathy for things than most of the members.
He is my 4th favourite of the series.

About this Chara:
Tenth unit captain of the Shinsengumi.
Harada uses the spear for his attacks than the sword.
Close with Heisuke and Shinpachi- they are like the laid back fun trio of the Shinsengumi.
Harada must have been the perfect lover in the series haha!
He is caring/worries about others- there was this one scene where he risks his life to prove the trust of his subordinates.
He also arranged a date for Chizuru to meet with Osen- because he doubted that Chizuru was feeling well.
He is also calm and very patient.
He is the gentleman of the whole Hakuouki series! XD

Real facts:
Described as a tall handsome man.
Was from a lower class Samurai family.
Was married later on and became a perfect husband (1865)
Was rash and impatient and had a seppuku scar near his stomach.
Shinpachi and him filed a petition against Kondo and left the team later on.
He guarded the Shogun and in 1867 he died because of a shot wound in his back.
Rumor has that he joined some mountain bandits instead of guarding the shogun and acted violenty.
(Courtesey of

About this piece:
Time taken:6 hours
THIS IS THE HOTTEST PICTURE OF HARADA I COULD FIND SO DON'T JUDGE ME! >< (might be low qualaity for some people ><
Scan used:
To make it high qualaity i used "Bicubic Smoother" and used Smart sharpening.(especially with his left eye)
This is a result of two experimentations.
One single gradient used but overlayed thrice.
Various 3D/lightning/splatter/grunge brushes were used.
Made an earring using my ever loving light brushes ^O^ he looks like a pirate XD
Text "charmagne" type overlayed to be under "soft light"
Various text grunge brushes were used too.
Thought of overlayering some Bokeh's but it would add way too much light to the piece.


The Demon of The Red Horizon is used to represent Red to depic Harada's overflowing warmth- initially Harada's symbolic color is red in the series.
And he is also a demon like every Shinsengumi captain- following the series "Demon of The Sun Fleet" and "Demon of The Blue Winds"


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