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Demon of The Sun Fleet
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Before i start let me tell you that the above character is an animated representation of the "Shinsengumi" who fought a severe battle against the emperor of Japan.
This wallpaper is an exclusive tribute to the real Todou Heisuke also known as Ibina-Nobutora or Fujiwara No Yoshitora who died in battle.
Hakuouki is a reverse Harem Anime adapted from the Visual Novel inspired by the real historical events, which involves the "Mibu wolves" being led by Kondou Izami and Toshizo Hijikata.
My favourite characters(one of them actually LOL) is Todou Heisuke- who was very young, the commander of the 8th Division of the Shinsengumi and a great swordsman.

About this Character: (Wikipedia)
I researched about this character: He is also known as the "Fujiwara No Yoshitora" and weilds a sword "Kazusa no suke Kaneshige".
Todo was about 19 years old when he joined Shinsengumi and practiced "Hokushin Itto-ryu"
Sources say that he was well educated and had good manners.(because he was raised in Edo)
There's a rumor saying that he was an illegimate son of Todo Takayuki- who was responsible for betraying Tokugawa.
There's another rumor saying he was the illegimate son of Todo Izuminokami who was the lord of Izusu province :

Anime Heisuke:
Todo was an extremely caring character- he looked after Ryuunosuke when he was injured and demanded that Chizuru was to be taken away from missions because it was "unsafe" for her.

My views: (Taken from Shinsengumi-no makoto and other sources)

Obviously a person who would hesitate to use his sword against his friends whom was a family to him.
Extrememly trustworthy- Todo was given spy jobs by Hijikata even though he was a Captain.
Was bit of a show-off *laughs*
Knew Yamanami Keisuke(Sanan) before the Shinsengumi and adored him.(well hell he was a good man before he became a fury)
He had long hair- and men with long hair(dat looooong) wouldn't appeal to me, and this person could be the only one.
Was described to be handsome and "small"

Death: As Yamanami Keisuke died, he made up his mind to leave with Ito,
Soonafter Ito was assassinated Heisuke went to retrieve his body but then the Shinsengumi ambushed him,
despite the efforts of Nagakura Shinpachi to save him he was killed at the age of 22/23 by the newest member of the Shinengumi: Miura under accidental circumstances.

About this piece:
I choosed this Render very easily from a wide range of Hakuouki pictures
(apparently he looks way cooler in this) However i was 200% saddened that there wasn't a big enough Render :(
Time taken- Unknown
A cloud texture was used in the background and a gradient was used and overlayed perhaps twice.
Various grunge and 3D brushes were used simulatneously
I myself used some flame brushes for the sword and light flare(movie prime type) on the sword.
Glow brushes were used as secondary lightning downloaded from
The text type: "Samurai Bob" taken from
I duplicated the Anime Render and softly overlayed it and moved to fill the space in the left.
This particular wallpaper is a result of various experimentations.
I had to research on "war wallpapers" and "samurai elements" even though i didn't use much of them lol.

~tested using various reseloutions and the above is the best suitable position~

The title "Demon of the Sun Fleet" is given to Heisuke as he has the objective characteristics of the sun- being hotheaded/honest and straightforward i decided that the "sun" is the best to describe him.

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