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*Remake of these previous wallpapers
Flame Haze ver.2
Flame Haze Shana

Shana Vector by Longbow
*Other sources such as textures and brushes to be linked later. Actions used are linked below in the description.

I had tried uploading this wallpaper the other day but my internet was being snarky. Here I am trying to upload this again.
Well I've been watching Shana off and on now and I really like it. I'm up to episode 10, will be watching more episodes when I'm not so busy. I've really enjoyed watching Shakugan no Shana. The art is good, love the storyline and the characters. I can't wait to watch more episodes. Love Shana, she is so awesome! And Yuji is cool too. I can't wait for more. :3 Anyway onto the wallpaper.
I have to be honest I did not really plan to make this particular wallpaper. It kind of chose to make itself in away (doesn't make sense I know) but what I mean is things don't always go according to plan and this remake was the result.
I used the same Shana vector as the previous 2 versions and the same city background. But please note the changes I've made to this version that the other two don't have.
1. First off this one is a bit cleaner, tried to go for a more firey intense look to fit the flame haze theme.
2. New textures/photoshop actions used. You can find them linked below.
Sunny Tones action
Note: Red and yellow tones were used to enhance the flames.
Euphoria action
(added for extra drama)
3. Used a bokeh brush to try to create a realistic-ish fire embers. Note: The actions made this one darker then the previous 2.
4. Made some textures to enhance the background.
This wallpaper took me at least an hour to two hours to complete cause of all these different processes. I can honestly say I like how it came out and I hope you guys do to.
One more thing I want to add is there are things about all 3 versions that I like.
Ver. 1: The bokeh and the colors
Ver. 2: The flames are more realistic
Ver. 3: Final remake. Combines both elements of the previous two.
*First two versions are linked above if you want to view them.
Dedication: ItachiSasuke
Here is a late birthday wallpaper for you Ita-chan. I meant to upload it sooner but life has been super busy this past week (will explain in more detail in an upcoming post in my world). Also I just wanted to say I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that you were the person I had in mind while making this wallpaper. I do hope you like it. Thank you for being an awesome friend and I hope we can talk more soon. I miss you *hugs* And happy belated birthday!
*Long description is LONG ^^'
*Available in HD resolutions only for now (may make other sizes later and post them)

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