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Submission for the Connections challenge!

So this challenge is all about finding a connection between yourself and an anime character. For me I chose Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket ^_^

It probably started as Fruits Basket was one of the first animes I saw but personally Ive always loved Shigure more than any of the other characters, and it wasnt until the challenge (many years later) that I actually sat down and realised why that was.
* For starters - Im a writer! I love writing stories and while they generally turn out quite gruesome I would love nothing more than to be a professional writer someday... however since Im to shy to let anyone read my writings that will never happen. Meh. Cant win every battle.
* Secondly is that I too come from a large but very close family. My dad is one of 8 and my mum is 6 and the whole extended family is spread out all across Aus so we dont get together often - until New Years. New Years is when we come together for a giant dinner party/drinking contest aka 'piss up' to the other Aussies here XD.
* Still going on the family issue is that I have had several cousins live with me (and my parents) over the years, and now that I have a place of my own that has only increased! My younger cousins seem to think of my place as a safe haven (I have no idea why!) and know there is always a spare bed at my place should they have a fight with their parents/friends/whatever for as long as they need.
* Personality wise Im pretty much Shigure too. Ive always been the class clown, I can be serious when I need to be but even then I tend to turn into a joker because I like to lighten the mood. I dont have a thing for maids but please dont even get me started on how perverted my mind can be >.<
* When I was younger I was borderline obsessed with starsigns, horoscopes, and the Chinese Zodiac.
* Heres just a fun fact. Im like Shigure in both personality and career wise - my two best mates are 100% Hatori and Ayame, and we certainly love drinking together. We've been together since we were kids too - long before we ever saw the anime! The Hatori best mate is at uni studying animal science to be a vet, while the Ayame best mate is studying fashion design! *mind explodes*
* And just a final tip on top is that Im also a smoker. Not a chain smoker just the occasional one every now and then... Generally while Im writing actually.
* Oh! Im more of a cat person but I still really love dogs too! ^_^

Now for the wallie itself. This was surprisingly hard! I found the image back when this challenge was first created but for the life of me I could not decide on a background. Graphic design/wallies mental block. Absolutely. No. Idea.
Finally decided on more of a cherry blossom viewing picnic, which failed, and somehow merged into this final design.

Original image - OH GOD I LOVE THIS TRIO
Plus backgrounds 1 & 2 & 3



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