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Submission for the Re-Make challenge!

So for the remake challenge I decided to pick my previous Spice and Wolf wallie to remake. I made that wallie 2 years ago when I was very new to the graphic design/wallie business and I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was doing! Ah hell I didnt even know what a vector was! I was calling it something like 'Outlining, colouring in, and making things look pretty'. Everything I know about graphic design is self taught so 2 years ago I didnt know what textures or brushes were (and I still cant use brushes but dammit someday I will!) and its always annoyed me that I managed to make a reasonably decent vector and had it with some horrible brown picture (that I randomly found on google one day) as a background, theres so much more I could do with it!!!

And thanks to the challenge - I did ^_^

For the remake technically I could have started over from scratch and made a completely new vector - to me I felt that by doing it that way it wouldnt have been remaking it into a new one but it would have been completely trashing the old one. So I decided to keep the same vector, save for a few small alterations here and there, and focus on the background since thats the part that has always annoyed me so much.

Original scan - Dancing the night away~
Plus new textures!! :D - 1 & 2 & 3 & 4.
I lost the link to the fuzzy yellow glowy things D:



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