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Winter Queens
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Hello. *waves*

[Alternate Version: [ALT] Winter Queens]

I hope this make it to the challenge because I forget if I submitted enough quality wallpapers to get an auto acceptance. XD I think I might have to wait for it to get accepted and I'm not too sure if it'll make it in time before the deadline...not too sure how that works. XD But I'mma submit this anyways. :)

I actually extracted them months ago. Worked on this off and on over the course of months as well. At first I felt if I didn't make it I would just save it for this year around the Christmas holidays, but today I had time and instead of playing more 'NieR' during this free time (flippin' Shaman Shades not dropping items I need. o.e) decided to work on this. :)

There are two versions...wasn't too sure on what one to submit so I'm submitting them both. XD This one for the challenge and the other will be in my drafts if anyone is interested. :) *points to link at the top of description*

Aww would be nice if Theodore was in that scan too. Despite him only being in the 'Persona 3 Portable' version he still exist. XD Haha Maybe some other time. :) Guess it's ladies' night. :3

Hope this fits the Wintery scene. :3 It originally was going to be more Christmas-y, but since that long past, I just went with a more snowflakes/snow feel. *nods*

Good luck to everyone. :)

Original Image: Margaret & Elizabeth

Textures: Ice

Pattern: Silver and Gold Flake

Program: Photoshop 7.0

Music Motivation: Diff jazzy things, but throughout most of working on this I had Aga Zaryan's "Kalinowym Mostem ChodziƂam" on repeat.

Have lovely days. *nods*

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Elizabeth, Margaret, Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 4: Golden, snow, snowflakes
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