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S.a.y.o.n.a.r.a (no) tSuBaSa
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I made this wallpaper based on one of my favorite animes Macross Frontier. I love the story but what really love is the characters and the music. The music is what drew me to Macross Frontier. I wished the series had more than 25 episodes. I just feel like there could be more but I really enjoy the series and I love the music.
This wallpaper believe it or not was made from a really high quality screen shot I had found a long time ago. All I did was use a few textures and actions and it made it even better than I imagined. I've always loved this scene when Sheryl and Ranka sing together and it looks like they have wings. Its from the Macross Frontier movie Sayonara no Tsubasa which is also my favorite song from this movie under the same name. Anyway I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper.
Member Dedication-Angel Zakuro
I made this wallpaper with you in mind. You are an inspiration to me and you're one of my sweetest friends. I read your post about your grandma and I wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your loss. I know what its like to lose a loved one and its hard but I believe that they are always with us in our hearts.
I'm sorry its late Angel-samma. I hope you like it my friend. I hope you had a wonderful happy birthday my friend. I loves you. You're a dear friend to me and an inspiration to me. I hope you like the wallpaper. Happy late birthday dear.

Macross Wallpapers
macross frontier, ranka lee, sayonara no tsubasa, Sheryl nome, wing
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Angel Zakuro

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