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Exiting hiatus for a bit to bring you something new from my neck of the woods ^^" More specifically, my entry for the Minitokyo Fall contest!

I used the second palette, like this: dark magenta for uniform, dark brown for hair, light brown for swirls, and orange and yellow for the "thoughts". I left out green because, while I did make some leaves on the swirls to make it look like a tree, they didn't really fit in so I removed them altogether. The whole thing is cluttered enough as-is anyway.

And it wasn't even supposed to be the entry! I had another idea which was supposed to include the first palette (the more pastel colors), but I got bored of it about 70% in and abandoned it (I still have it, maybe will finish it one day). And I suddenly remembered this oneshot, Onward! Maiden Road, which is about a girl dealing with her absolutely crippling obsession with shounen-ai (boys' love). She keeps imagining two of her very-straight classmates (pictured in her thoughts) in various compromising positions (ohoho), but something always keeps interrupting her fantasies. I re-read it every time I need a good laugh and it never fails to make me howl with laughter :3

By the way, "fujoshi" refers to women who find the idea of boys' love appealing. As in, they're turned on by it. From what I gather, it means something along the lines of "rotten woman", so it's not too flattering (though the Western society -and myself- doesn't see it as something that bad, more like being an obsessed fan).

As for the technical bits, the entire thing is vectored, save for the shading (which is done with halftone-like patterns) and the blush on the girl. The shading was initially meant to be normal, but then I thought about switching it up a bit and am happy with the result. I have a problem with not being able to stop when adding shading, so this was an exercise in self-restraint as well XD No textures, and the images weren't larger than your standard scanlated manga panel-sized ones. Btw, the swirls are drawn by hand, scanned and vectored c: And here is the page I used for the girl (I can't link to all the other since some are quite explicit): girl image.

Get the vector (2700x2300px, normal shading) here: JPG (904 KB) | PNG (818 KB)

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