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Song Inspiration: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)-Journey

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This wallpaper is a bit difficult to explain but I shall try to do my best. Anyway here goes nothing...
I made this wallpaper for the Music 4:Classic Rock wallpaper challenge hosted by Darkarax. The song I chose was "Separate Ways(Worlds Apart)" by the epic band Journey. I have been listening to this song a lot to try to get a feel for it and also so I could translate it into a wallpaper(which was a challenge). There was one part of the song that did stick out to me and it was the "if he ever hurts you" part of the chorus. I kind of wanted to show that Rin and Len still love each other. They could have possibly gotten back together. Who knows? The chains symbolize the part of the song that goes "Break those chains that bind you". This part refers to that they might have broke up but got back together. Anyway sorry if this explanation doesn't make any bloody sense whatsoever. All I know is I love Journey and this song is EPIC.
The wallpaper itself was a process to make. It was very challenging to find the right image. Originally I was going to use this scan of Rin but it ended up not working out very well. So I used a render of Rin and Len instead. There's a gradient which I used to create a foundation for the background. This was done in PSCS5 and the textures were added to enhance the background. The background was tricky to balance out as well. But I'm happy with how it came out overall. I used a handwriting brush I found as a texture. Also that's where I put the lyrics. It ended up working out pretty well. I'm happy with the overall wallpaper. I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper cause it was such a challenge to make.
Member Dedication: Hana Ishida. Don't know if you like Vocaloids or not but it seemed like it would be a waste if I didn't dedicate this wallpaper to you. This song kind of reminded me of you. Also thank you for being epic. I hope you like it. Loves you *huggles*


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Music 4: Classic Rock

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