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See me through, see me through
This aching heart has come to far
To be with you, see me through
With angel eyes, just look inside
At all this love I never want to lose
See me through
~See Me Through-Rascal Flatts

Song Inspiration/Title:See Me Through-Rascal Flatts

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I have wanted to make a wallpaper with this scan for such a long time. The problem was is I couldn't figure out how to edit it or clean it up. Now I was able to do just that. I cleaned the scan up using the good ole smudge tool in photoshop. Originally the pages were split and there was this annoying white space that annoyed the hell out of me. I eliminated it and cleaned the scan up with the smudge tool. It took some work but it was worth it.
To explain the wallpaper itself,well I recently listen too Rascal Flatts' song "See Me Through". I have always loved this song. The lyrics and the song are just beautiful. In a way that song inspired me to create this wallpaper. I didn't put the lyrics into the wallpaper for this reason,it would have took away the focus from the theme of the wallpaper and I didn't want that. I feel that the wallpaper said what it needed to say without adding a cluster of text. Sometimes less is more.I love Peach Pit's artwork and I love this scan. Nagi and Amu are two of my favorite characters. I hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper :)
Member Dedication:Luicifers Wife-Happy Birthday to you! I made you this wallpaper on your birthday. I also made an e-card version of my Johan wallpaper for you as well. I hope you like it. I loves you Kenzan and thank you for being such an EPIC friend. I wish you the best on your birthday. Happy Birthday to you my dear friend...

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