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I had to make a spring themed wallpaper. Spring is only a few days away(even though today we got a bit of snow where I life. Yuck snow >.<) But anyway I am so anxious for spring. I can't wait to see pretty flowers of all colors,people planting gardens,trees budding out. I can't wait for all the sights and smells of spring. Also freshly mowed grass smells good. Random I know. But oh well.
I had recently found this scan on minitokyo when I was searching for more Shana scans. Actually I wasn't originally going to make a Shana themed wallpaper but this scan ended up blending really well with this other scan background I found. Also I used textures to enhance it naturally.
Not really much to say about the process of this wallpaper except the scan was a pain in the ass to extract and it was so hard finding the right textures to use. Originally I was going to put a spring quote but thought it would make the wallpaper look a bit busy. Also used photoshop actions for more enhancements. Overall I'm happy with this wallpaper. Hope everyone enjoys the wallpaper~
Dedicated to my dear friend Angel Satina. I've missed you so much and I missed your lovely works. You are just a sweetheart and I love you so much. You are a very dear friend to me. You always have been.


Shakugan no Shana Wallpapers
chibi, hecate, shakugan no shana, shana, spring, yoshida kazumi
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