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Song:Going Under by Evanescence
Character Represented:Haou Judai(the Supreme King)

This is my entry for the Music 3:Rage Theme wallpaper challenge hosted by Darkarax.
The song I chose is Going Under by Evanescence. I have always wanted to make a wallpaper to represent this song but never quite could find the right image. I finally found the right image to use. The image wasn't really exactly made for big resolution wallpapers so I just decided to make a small wallpaper with it.
This song fits Judai when he is being possessed/taken over by Haou. He gives into the darkness because of his sadness over losing his friends. He thinks that them dying(turns out they didn't die but where being held prisoner in a dark dimension) is his fault and it had nothing to do with him. The whole thing was planned by Yubel to get the Supreme King to awaken within Judai's heart. When he is possessed by Haou he is very angry and doesn't quite know how to find himself. So I think Going Under illustrates this well. It represents Judai trying to get free from the darkness and he's angry at himself for giving in.
I can relate to this song as well because I feel like people are trying to tell me how to live my life(namely my dad). He keeps pressuring me to find a job,learn how to drive,and the list goes on. Also I've gone through some terrible experiences that were similar to Judai's. It is too terrible to name here but I've felt my fair share of anger and loss of friends/family. I think Judai and I are alike in a lot of ways.
Dedicated to Hana Ishida because she is a very dear friend to me. Judai loves his Ishi forever~<33333

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