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Still Standing
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I'll be honest with you, before I saw this challenge, I had never really listened to stuff by The Rasmus. At least, not that I know of. But, I'm certainly not against trying out new music to enter a challenge. I did that once before and wound up with a whole new genre of music to peruse that is quite good. And I have the odd feeling that this will be much the same.

I went to youtube with the thought that, before I would really commit to wanting to make a wallpaper, I had better make sure I like the basic sound of their music. Besides, didn't it say something about fans entering this challenge? Well, at least it didn't say that it had to be old fans. And just think, I've become a fan thanks to this challenge. I really do like their music. The first song I clicked on was pretty good, but the next one was simply amazing. Then I found this song and I feel that it just really fits this character.

Now, I usually don't get like this about my wallpapers, but I just cannot help it. See those flames. I am so proud of those things. I made them from brushes and patterns, and with major help from a tutorial. If you have the time please click on the 1280x800 resolution because that was the original template I used to make this wallpaper and there is another flame over on the right side of the screen.

Grasslands Brushes
Night Sky Brushes
Starry Sky Brushes
Building Brushes
Flame Brushes
Flame Patterns
Flame Tutorial - very helpful and easy to follow
Song Used
Fonts Used: The King & Queen Font & Jellyka Delicious Cake & Pieces of Eight & Romance Fatal Serif & Dawning of a New Day

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