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Here is my entry for Cloudy-chan's challenge (just in time lol)!

Widescreen is the best view (1920x1200)

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Disclaimer: I do not intend to hurt or offend anyone, especially since my "rant" is more about people like us than celebrities. However, I respect your opinion, let me know express mine and respect it too.

Mainstream that I can't stand: people bashing and insulting famous people only because of what they read or heard. It's like everything that journalists say become everyone's opinions *sighs* And, well, that's kinda mainstream, right?

Let's try to keep it short. Celebrities like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus or Kristen Stewart are hated by everyone but, why? Because they wear what they want? Because they sing what they want? Because they do what they want? I think it's childlish to think that, if the papers say that Stewart (or Pattinson) can't act or even smile, it's true and so they are despicable. Uhm, well, no. Before hating, people should try to know who they are by themselves, watch interviews, actually watch their movies or look for lives on youtube to know if they can sing or not... Because all those celebrities have incredible qualities and they succeeded to stay true to themselves while being famous. It's ridiculous to deny it because it is said that [insert stupid and mean bla bla here]. It's like people stop thinking by themselves and just think what everybody thinks instead.

So basically, I think that hate on celibrities because everybody does too is the most mainstream thing ever and I don't like it. You can hate a celebrity but, geez, have your own real reasons! Like, I don't like Lindsay Lohan but I think she can act and that she's strong, even if she fell into something that is destroying her.

Hope you like the wallpaper anyway XD And this is dedicated to the creator of the challenge ;)

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