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. My life 5 [fear]
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My entry for ItachiSasuke's challenge : [My Life] Wallpaper Marathon V.
Scan. A(hope you'll be able to view it, I changed it a lot; please look^^)
Fonts. dafont

"This darkness
filled with loneliness
and unseen things" actually by me ^^'. Could be because I thought it was fitting for the scan, but also because that's the fear I want to show.
('unseen things' is a bit hard to see, but that wasn't a coincidence :)

For Bonnie, thank you for inviting me as always and also I'm so sorry for not entering last time ! >.<;

I probably have things I fear more, but this was the first thing that came to mind (and I thinks it's more honest using it then).
So, I fear dark. Or at least I used to be scared of it, I'm less scared now. I was cheating a bit, because I combined loneliness and dark, I fear that as well. But if using 2 things is not allowed, you could consider it as fearing being alone in the darkness, which is what I fear. Because being next to someone when it's dark isn't scary :). Also "unseen things" is the silly things I used to be scared of, like something being in the dark or below my bed...>.> Because it's not really darkness you fear, but something that might come out of it.
Haha sorry if that was confusing ^^'

I tried many new things on this wallpaper, and I put some time in it. I'm actually somewhat happy with how it turned out but maybe I'm the only one xD;

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[My Life] Wallpaper Marathon V

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