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Take me away from all my sadness,
Take me away from all this madness
Take me back to the stars above,
Make me fly like a little white dove
Take me back to where I belong,
Did I really do you wrong?
Take me to the place some call home,
Someday I’ll stop to Rome

Now that you’re gone and emptiness is back
Everything once said…all my hope turned black
I can’t live with, I can’t live without,
The feeling inside me makes me wanna shout
Shout to the sky, the stars and the moon,
I think I’m going insane very soon

I wonder why… That every time that you came by
Left me with the feeling that I want to cry, Tell me why…
Now you’re gone and the emptiness is back
All the fun is gone and left me with the feeling of a lack….
I feel such a rage,
I feel I should be locked up in a cage.
It hurts so much why can’t you see,
The things you’re doing to me

I can’t express the way I feel,
It’s like this life just isn’t real
I get trough the week just thinking of you,
But when you’re there I don’t know what to do
Now you’re gone and the emptiness is back
And in my heart, I feel it is starting to crack

Is it this pain,
That’s driving me insane
I don’t know what to say,
Which kills me every day
The things that I should do,
I don’t, just because of you

Now that you’re gone and emptiness is back
In my heart there is this crack
This crack will never start to heal,
Because the shelter I found just isn’t real
Is it my illusion, my own dream,
The one that tastes like ice cream
But ice cream melts, just like dreams pass away,
That’s why I know you aren’t gonna stay
Now you’re gone and the emptiness is real
And the pain in my heart is beyond the power to heal

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