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{Hajimemashite - Sayonara - Mata atane - Ohisashiburi desu}

[My entry for JanetChan's "{{VOCALOID}}" challenge~]

The song that I chose is [Kokoro Kara], sung by Hatsune Miku ~ sweet append version. It's one of my very favorite vocaloid songs, because Hatsune sounds a bit more human. The song itself is about a girl who wants to be loved for her heart, and not for her body. I had trouble choosing an actual song, but in the end I thought that this one would work out best!

Before I made the wallpaper, I watched the music video several times. I wanted to take some of the colors, and the general style, and incorporate it into the wall. I think I did so successfully enough~
I wanted a hand-drawn looking scan, and messy fonts just like the video has. I also wanted Hatsune to be in her append form. I just wish the wall looked a little cleaner- although I worked really hard on the extraction.

I had a good time with this challenge, and I wish luck to the others who entered~ <3

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I wish my hair did that.

Miku Hatsune Wallpapers
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