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Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you first start a new anime show, you know immediately that you cannot stand a certain character and nothing they do throughout the show ever changes your mind? Or sometimes, you start off liking a character - but then their personality gets so derailed or adjusted in a horrible way, that you don't like them anymore? Yeah, I hate it when that happens.

What does this have to do with this wallpaper? (Or has ElfDuchess finally lost it? (Possibly. Too many entries in the recent challenge slam.) Anyway…)

Sometimes, what happened to me with this young man happens. First couple of episodes I couldn't stand Kai, I mean I really hated him, and it all came to a head in episode three - he could have died and I wouldn't have missed him at all. In fact, I would have been grateful that he was out of my hair. Then, so slowly that I couldn't even say what episode it first happened on, I actually began to like him. Gradually, throughout the next ten or so episode, Kai grew on me - I think he also began to get himself straightened out. By the time we reached the last five or six episodes, I genuinely adored him. Although he never did become my favorite.

I actually wasn't planning on making a wallpaper of him, but as I was looking for other images I found this scan. I will admit, I really like this pose for him and as soon as I saw it - I just knew that I wanted to make a wallpaper with it. It did have to be cleaned up quite a bit. Not that it was a bad scan, there was just a lot of other stuff on it that I didn't want and that just didn't look quite right for this wallie. And I know, the name's kind of odd - but I really didn't have a cool name for it, so I just went with the article Kai's reading.

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