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Sorry if this looks too apocalyptic, I tried to make it as badass as I could. The only FF I watched is VII so I used a scan from that one and the only lines spoken between Cloud and Sephiroth that actually sound meaningful as typography.
Extracting the scan wasn't as hard as I anticipated and the rest was actually fun. Since I rarely make walls that aren't anime, this one wasn't a challenge but a relaxing change of style.
I used some brushes from for lightning and the cyber effects emerging from the characters.

Edit: Silly me, forgot about the LP theme, added some lyrics to the typography. Picked the song "One Step Closer" because it fits the initial typography, it's like a continuation of it and it also fits their relationship, from what I saw at least.
Version without the LP lyrics here.

Final Fantasy VII Wallpapers
cloud strife, fight, final fantasy, final fantasy VII, ruins, sephiroth
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