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It's Electric
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Happy New Year! My gifts for my friends via wallpaper for a club called PGR. I got such a good response from the members and from others for making these Retro Pokemon wallpapers. I figured I will make a few more!

Oh WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW ROLE PLAYERS FOR POKEMON GIJINKA REVOLUTION!!! :) It's such a fun RP here on the otaku. So if you are interested go to the member PGR. :3

The second best electrical Pokemon in the club next to Lux who is tied with Xio for first (yes I am bias :P) it's Rai the Raichu and his former evolutions! Why Rai? Because Toyo requested one wallie and this was so cute to make! I figured this would be better since Rai is a 18 year old stuck in the body of a 10 year old so I made it vibrant and pink! Sorry I just loved warm and bright colors for the rodent wallie! Plus It's Electic!! :3

One of my last wallpapers of the year!! Hope you like it!!!

Comments, hugs, and favorites are always welcomed!!! :)

<3 Team Plasma N

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