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This is my entry for the ‘Represent Yourself’ challenge by Carina1301.

I am sure for the ones of you that have known me for the last 6 years or longer; by looking at this wallie you can see bits and pieces of me in it.

The descriptive words are words I ask for from friends. I ask them to pick a word(s) that when they heard them they thought of me.

  • Beautiful
  • Love
  • Talkative
  • Talented
  • Smile
  • Sister
  • Mom
  • Grandma
  • Friend

I placed items and quotes in the wallie that I have associated myself with for years.


  • Ying Yang (represents the 69 in my username)
  • Music Notes (Music, one of my many loves)
  • Puzzle Pieces (any type of puzzle is a favorite past time)


  • The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams!
  • You can say anything about me you please…
    But I am…
    Who I am…
    And that is something that you can never be.

I placed names in the wallie that I am known by.

  • Kitabug69
  • Kita
  • Bug

I placed my favorite catch phrase I use in all my posts and my TheO World I think more then a few people know about and my all time favorite color… Purple.

Catch Phrase:

  • See ya around TheO, my Friend…

TheO World:

  • TheO Story

And last but not least…

The ever famous Tiger eyes that have followed me in TheO back when it was MyO. The tiger eyes have a history with me. They are a pic of a tattoo I wanted to get, but chickened out when it came down to getting it… heehee. Also, I was always told by family and friends that if I were an animal I would be a tiger. Not to mention I have a love for big cats and the tiger is my all time favorite. When I made my MyO site they started off very original and then changed over time, finally coming to rest as you see them now.

I owe great thanks to Variance for making them what they are today. He surprised me with a new Icon, new Sig and a new Banner. I fell in love with them all over again… heehee. I set up a link to the original tiger eyes so you all can see how they have changed. I do ask and would appreciate if no one would take the tiger eyes image without asking. Thank you...

I don’t expect to get any downloads on this wallie and really I don’t care if I do. This challenge was to make a wallie to represent yourself and I feel I have done just that with this wallie.

I hope everyone likes it at least…

Hugs, Faves and Comments are always appreciated…


*all fonts used are from*
*all brushes are originals from Photoshop*
*the image (Tiger Eyes) was drawn by a tat artist name Willie*

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