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Snowy Texture

{{ ♥ }}


Yesh, yesh, I know this picture was used so many times, but I've always wanted to use it. And here it is. And I know i don't have much faith in my work but I just wanna say (not to brag or anything) but i think this came out really pretty. I wanted to do a brown border around it but i thought it would make the picture too crowded, so I decided just to leave it plain and simple.

For my Plum-chan, who I give all the credit to, cuz without her, this would have just been a boring picture. I know it's not as good as yours, but I'll try harder to use textures. I can't believe this was my first time using textures and it came out really nicely!!! *huggles* Thank you so much, Plum-chan! Your a great teacher and friend, and i'm sorry for you having to put up with my stupid self.

Merry Christmas, Plum-chan.


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