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I am such a huge fan of Jaden Yuki. He is just such an amazing character and I think he's just so awesome! He's the best duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh GX despite being in the Slifer Red dorm. He don't let nothing or anyone hold him back. He just goes for his dreams and makes a difference. He's kind to his friends and his duel monsters, especially Yubel and Winged Kuriboh. Jaden goes out of his way to help someone in need and he's just got such a great heart. I wish he was a real person. Imagine having somebody like Jaden as your best friend. That would be cool in my opinion. I can really relate to Jaden because like me, he has his bad days too. I can really relate to him in the 4th season because like me, he stays to himself a lot because he wants to avoid his problems and he doesn't want to burden his friends. I was kind of like this when my mom's evil boyfriend was around. He hated me and was always mean to me and my mom but it's a lot better now because he's out of our lives. I'm learning to move on and that there are good people that will be there to help you. But anyway enough of this stuff. Now to talk about the wallpaper itself.
In the background I did a collage of Jaden in the fourth season of GX. The 4th season has to be my favorite because it's good and it has a lot of different kinds of conflicts. Jaden dealing with having a new spirit inside him, realizing his friends will always be there to help him, and battling the darkness. Well actually Darkness is an actually bad guy but he beats it and shows that there is light in the world. Sometimes when things are bad we just have to look at the good things we do have in our lives like our friends and family. I tried to show what kind of person Jaden was with my collage. I think he's nice, kind, and he's a hero. I also used a few images to kind of help give it somemore texture. I hope everyone likes it. Dedicated to Clueless 101 and SakuraLacusSaiyan. Merry Christmas!

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