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Soldier of Death and Rebirth
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Image found here.
Ankh: scanned from my own sketch book and colorized in Photoshop CS3.
Background made using filters and gradients in Photoshop CS3.
Sign for the planet Saturn made using a default brush in Photoshop CS3.
Font: Papyrus, which I believe comes as default on most computers.

Okay, so this is my entry for Amestar's Champions of the Moon challenge. Those of you who've paid attention to my previous work may have noticed that I've made a lot of Sailor Saturn wallpapers. That's because out of all the Sailor Scouts in the series, Sailor Saturn is my favorite. One of the reasons is because of her power to destroy entire planets. Kind of an interesting power for a super hero to have, sort of makes her like a nuclear deterrent. I also like Sailor Saturn (Hotaru) for her tragic backstory. Plus Saturn's power to destroy planets involves here sacrificing herself, yet she comes back as an infant and returns to her original age in a matter of months/day ah-la Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock. That's kinda what inspired me to put the ankh symbol in the background, as it's one of the Egyptian symbols of immortality. I guess a scarab might have been more appropriate, but I didn't know where I could find an image of one to use. Anyway, I find Sailor Saturn to be a very interesting and almost captivating character, and that's my reason for making not only this wallpaper, but every other Sailor Saturn wallpaper I've made in the past. Enjoy.

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Ankh, Hotaru Tomoe, Sailor Saturn, Tsuki
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