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well okay, this took like...4 hours but it was worth it, i think it turned out REALLY good.

first off the title, trapped, i looked at it and it kinda just came to me, so yea XD

next, the background. i did the background COMPLETELY by myself. i took a 1024x786 sized white canvas on GIMP and filled it in with grey. then i took the paths tool and made the black lines and the out lines of the droplet shaped white dots. then i colored in the white droplets and put the different sized dots, all with the paint tool. THEN i air brushed black in the lines and white dots.

okay, now the render.

i took this image; from here, and i rendered it, which took a good three hours. then i just layered it down and merged it.

finally the blood; basically i just used a dark red, made some water ring things with the paths tool and black and air brushed with black, red, dark dark red, and pink.

so yea, basically 90% my work, (10% is that i didnt draw the kanda, i just rendered it.)

their is another version that i will also be posting, so check it out.

im dedicating this to Xxpicklejuice01xX cause she F**king rocks!!!

hope you all like this!!

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