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Shana's Burning Soul
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I can't even remember the last time I submitted a wallpaper. I know it's been awhile, quite awhile in fact. I've just been so distracted by other things that I haven't found the time to make a wallpaper. Well I decided to make one of Shana. I haven't seen much of the anime but I've seen an episode or 2. From what I've seen,it's really good and Shana is seriously cool. I've also read some of the mangas too. They're pretty good as well. I just love the artwork and Shana is so cool. I love how that necklace of hers transforms her into a firey warrior ready to protect the world. It's just so cool. I love the music that goes along with the anime too. It's really good. I especially like the first opening by Mami Kawada.
This wallpaper is a simpler one with the city behind Shana. It looks like it's on fire. It's as if Shana's very presence causes the city to burn. But it's not really burning but it just looks like that. I found a fire texture from google or somewhere. I don't remember the exact site I found it on. I made this wallpaper a long time ago. But I found the Shana png from Kuusou.org or somewhere like that. They have some great pngs there. Anyway I hope everyone likes my wallpaper and sorry I've been gone so long. Dedicated to all my friends here on the Otaku. I would especially like to dedicate this to RSRKingdomStars who has been a very good friend to me on this site over the years. I hope you like it.

Shakugan no Shana Wallpapers
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