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Finally! After revisions, revisions, and more revisions...presenting my vector-wall that I made using my MukuroxChrome vector! Nyaaaaa :3
I started working on it after submitting the vector, but it came out not quite to my liking. So I ended up vectoring a lot of stuffs which I ended up not using (e.g. a lotus pond, plain looking table and chairs...) :P The project got on hold for a while since I end up getting frustrated with deciding on which idea to use (I came up w/ a lot of ideas :P) but it started 'haunting' me the past few days since I can't seem to find a scan of Tsuna that I feel like vectoring!
Here it is!
Duration: I worked on this 2 whole days! from morning til before bedtime...(seriously, I should avoid doing that next time!)
Layers: too in SUPER too many! With all those sweets and windows and what-nots, I even messed up on some layers so I have to fix them. It's just crazy!
Musical inspiration: 为妳存在(Existing For You) by Fahrenheit :)
This vector-wall is really one heck of an effort! Compared to the previous ones, this one's quite complicated. I really went scavenger hunting for scans with the perfect stuffs that I needed. I really went into the details even more like with the pastry puffs. I saw it in a site that they both like I should have something chocolate (or chocolatey) for the snacks :) Nyaahaha the blueberry pancakes below...well, I love blueberry pancakes, so there LOL ;P I wanted to give the vector-wall a sort of heavenly serene kind of feel so I gave Mukuro wings (sort of like Chrome's guardian angel). For the windows, instead of using the plain kind. I decided to have ones that got angel-y designs. Thankfully I found a scan with angel stained glass window. I just made it into simple windows. I used textures ffrom deviantART for the wallpaper of the room so that it won't be looking plain and flat.

Sources and credits:
- the rack thingy and the pancake syrup is from a Fate/Stay Night scan. I just added a handle (or design) thingamajig on top so it won't look too plain :)
- cups, chairs, and table from a Rozen Maiden scan. Tea for Mukuro and milk for Chrome. Changed the color for the chairs and added texture.
- angel windows are from a Code Geass scan
Thanks to their respective uploaders! :)
Thanks to: JavierZhX for the cloud brushes and aleeka-stock for the texture (both are from deviantART)
- sorry, I can't find the source scans of the wings, pancakes, and pastry puffs. Those were vectored from scans I randomly came across at Zero-chan. Too many pics there @[email protected]
- and of course, Mukuro x Chrome vector by ME! :) (check out my Minitokyo gallery)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Wallpapers
angel, cakes, Chrome Dokuro, clouds, couple, flowers, Mukuro Rokudo, smile, sweets, tea, wings
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