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Here you go, Mae-ri!! *hugs hugs* Your request! :) Your HOT Sinestro, hehe. I hope that this wallpaper will cheer you up some. Sorry again about your bunny. Rest in peace, Clover. :(

Hopefully this request will make up for the one I apparently forgot about last year lol. <3 It took a lot of work! Mae-Ri requested Sinestro, and it was a difficult challenge...just cause there aren't a lot of pictures of him from the new Green Lantern movie. XD Not a lot of big quality ones, at least. But I am quite happy with how this turned out. ^_^ Challenges are good!

The images I used were from this site, and the big one on the left is from the movie poster (highest quality image I used). So the challenge was how to use them all...and make them work together and not look like some crappy collage wall. XD Cause I couldn't just use ONE big image and do my thing since none were big enough lol. So I took those smaller screenshots and sized them down...and put them on the right side. I then put the bigger image of him on the left. I erased parts of the pics on the make them blend more. And during all this, I had multiple layers of each, sharpened and enhanced in various ways! Then I did my usual with some red lighting/gradients here and there...and this texture over everything. ;] Getting the pics on the right to look ok and integrated probably took the most time...with the ridge-like thing on the side. XD It really annoyed me getting things right!

And then his name...also took some time on placement and style. >< But I like it! <3 If you want the wall without his name, HERE you go. I hope you like it, Mae! <33

Green Lantern Wallpapers
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