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Everybody Loves Me
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Oh gosh this wallpaper…I don’t even know where to begin. The extraction alone took me about four days of work. *is picky* Then I was really disappointed afterward because it didn’t land on any of the scans I had the way I wanted it to…so I had to improvise with a completely different concept. I found this scan of the roadway, and loved it, so hoping I could make it work, I pieced them together, and finally I did, after I created the shadows and altered things. But what really took the longest for me was the font. There were a couple days I just sat there and stared at it for hours, and was like: …..what do I put…..? Then, on one of those days, “Everybody loves me” came on my media player, and it hit me. Haruko is a person where everything has to be focused on her, and so the pieces I chose just seemed to suit it. It took awhile to position the font too…but I think I like how it came out :3

So now the reason I chose this as a series I hate. Actually, Haruko is a character I both loved and hated at the same time. Some of the things she did was just too…meh, for me. I can’t really explain it. Sometimes she was funny and kicked arse, but others she was just dry and boring to me. Or over the top. Like the series. It was incredibly over the top and hard to follow if you weren’t paying complete attention. Even if you were, sometimes it was still hard to follow. @[email protected] It’s like, one minute it’s boring, the next it’s action-y, then it’s comedic, but so fast paced that if you didn’t catch a couple words, you’d miss the joke completely and just be sitting there with a dumb expression on your face. I like things that are random, and I respect the different take that whoever wrote or created this tried to aim for, I just really didn’t grasp it. It wasn’t my taste I suppose. I liked the Pirate King…I think…but regardless, it’s still on the list of anime I just don’t recommend. I really think it could’ve done without all the sexual innuendo too. But maybe that’s what got as many people to watch it as it did……*facepalms*

Haruko Scan-Minitokyo
Road Backdrop-Minitokyo
Texture-kuschelirmel stock
Song Lyrics-OneRepublic

Dedicated to the creator of the challenge, Sakuse, for a bold and unique idea.

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