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Alright, so this may be my first entry, or my only entry, depending on if I can make another before the conclusion of this challenge. “This is Official Stuff man” by Smoking Crimson. (As found at the link on the bottom)

I started this wallpaper with the original scan, found here. After extracting the image, which wasn’t as simple as I had hoped it would be since I tried a new technique, I cleaned it up then went to work on the actual wall. I envisioned him falling through the sky, but for some reason, from an upside down city. So I went scouting for some nice scans. I had found this one awhile back, and wanted to use it before, but decided against it for another, so I went back to it and applied it here. I loved the result, so after a couple adjustments, settled on it. Then came the texture abuse. I really wanted it to be textury, so I went all out with some of my favorites. I don’t have the links to the exact textures, but you can find them here: Bashcorpo | Calajane | Babybird Stock and if it’s necessary, I got these fonts from, I believe. I actually had a lot of fun organizing them on this wallpaper…hopefully you’ll like them, RR~

The words themselves come from the mastermind of lil wayne. I love his lyrics, mainly because he’s really creative with them, and if you pay attention, you might find something that catches your ear, or that you’ll relate to. I find myself using a lot of his stuff in my walls recently. O.e

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy~
Comments/hugs/faves always appreciated!

-Credits found in body above-

I really wish I could hit the ground running...

Death Note Wallpapers
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