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Don't let them Float away...
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After resize I couldn't tell apart many of the scan's elements. I took parts of the body such as hands or eyes from the huge Gintama scan.
I decided to make Kondo's haircut with spikes. Chonmage really doesn't suit him XD; It was a really hard wall to make, I've been working on it for a while, so I'm glad to see it complete.

The kanji mean: dreams, hope, friendship, love. I chose this image with my word for the challenge 'float' because of the relationships of the people in the picture. They all left Mitsuba (the girl) to go to the city and became the police, Shinsengumi. The 4 emotions (see the 4 floating petals as well) represent the things they almost let to float away from them. I made a fancy house and country side like one because I wanted the bridge to represent their passing from a bunch of ronin to samurai fighting for the country. I really love the image because it fit perfectly to the meanings I wanted to convey.

View the wide version on MT: Don't let them Float away... (it's too big for theO to handle and I don't want to lower the quality and save)

Dedicated to (ex)Farah for her Gintama love <3

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