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Sweet Butterfly Girl
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Mah 3rd entry! just one more! X3

Mart Mart reminds me of Cheria Barnes because she is kind, positive, cheerful, sweet, loves helping people, wants to heal and save everyone, has a crush on someone she is friends with but won't admit it at least at first she won't admit itE-Kuuuuuun!!!, can kick butt if she needs too and is just just a good, sweet, loving, caring person all around! <3

I'm Cheria to Danni and Amanda so basically You remind me of myself. I see a lot of myself in you. :3

HA! I decided to NOT be predictable and didn't choose Marta! >w>
la la laaaaaa! >w<

Like my first entry this wall took a lot of hard work and creativity!
It took me 4 hours!

I made my own custom BG(of course) out of brushes BUT after i created the BG out of brushes I added 2 textures to give it a texture so it wouldn't look plan. then after that I added a glitter brush.

After I added the adorable render of Cheria I used the color balance and curves tool to make the render blend with the BG more. Then I added more glitter brushes that look more like stars to spice it up a bit more! I know how much Mart Mart likes Shiny and Glitter things! X3

Lastly I added my signature and thats how the wall was made! X3

I'm proud of this....HAND MADE CUTENESS!!! X3


Render: Some Render website that is in french....lol
Font: dafont.com
Brushes: deviantArt and Obsidian Dawn
Textures: deviantArt

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You BETTER love the cuteness. >3>


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