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Fireflies' Garden
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What is it with me and fireflies? D<

Fireflies theme again, I can't stop it.

Anyway, credits first.
Texture from Aethereality.
Jane Austen and a font with Chinese characters.
Cloud brush and Rust brush from DA.
Um..GIMP 2.6?

If you search through MT, you'll find there's no other scan with Marta in it, only the one I choose. So I enlarge the scan, cropped it and start making the linearts.
I refer to this artwork. And this part was easy.
And I added the texture to the rail(?) at the front of the wallpaper, to make it look stained with rust. At least that was I intended to do.
And then, I'm in a dilemma when it comes to BG. First, I thought I should create a 'garden-like' scenery with yellow flower, but t turn out horrible and I cancelled it. Then, I thought maybe I could use bokeh texture for the BG. It turn out to be rather uninteresting and I didn't like it. So, no bokeh and removed it.
Lastly, when all hopes abandon me and I'm feeling weary (lol, don't believe it, it's a lie.) I try making sunset scenery. With the help of Cloud-brush and the Rust-brush. Added gradient and the fireflies.
I saved the file in JPEG before I put the text, cause the file size (xcf) is 236 MB and the GIMP was working very slow and my mom told me to go to sleep cause I sleep late yesterday and I need to go to the town tomorrow.
And I put the text, I was choosing between 'Marta Lualdi' and 'Garden of Fireflies' and the fireflies win.
And I changed the color balance.
And that would be all.
This is Marta Lualdi wallpaper, dedicated to Cloud55strife.
I need to do one more.
Good night everyone.

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